Thursday, 5 April 2018

BMB Structural Steel gets the works online!

BMB Structural Steelwork already had a great-looking website that was well-positioned on Google searches and had good click through stats for many keywords applied to the business.

However, the site wasn't generating the level of enquiries expected for such an investment, so Harlequin was asked to audit the website and look at ways of improving it.

It didn't take long to realise that the main home page graphic, whilst being a dramatic and eye-catching picture of one of the workers using an arc welder, took up most of the screen. This pushed all the relevant information about BMB's services out of shot and didn't really show what they manufactured.

Harlequin worked with the web developers to improve the home page with 3 sliding graphics that illustrated BMB's core business, with 3 further graphics below that linked to the separate services - Structural Steelwork, Architectural Steelwork and House Building Steelwork. We then went onto re-write and design many of the information pages and completely overhaul the gallery and blog sections.

Whilst the web developers worked on the website changes, we set about creating a social media presence for BMB. Facebook and Linked In company pages were created, along with Twitter and Instagram accounts. We then started populating these social media channels with pictures and content from the wide variety of projects BMB had completed in recent years.

With the website completed and a manageable cross-section of social media for BMB's staff to handle, we gave the staff an insight of how to be pro-active with their social media and use it to prospect for work, rather than hope that the channels would trawl it in for them.

The project has been a great success, with more enquiries coming from the website and even more coming from the Sales Team having better tools to prospect with.